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In progress to death. She can't stand up!  (Photo by Mr.Kobayakawa)


I’m writing this blog to all peoples in the world swallowing my pride of  clumsy piece of writing poor English. 

From March of 2013, 22 horses have sequentially died and two are just in progress (see photo) at Hosokawa Horse Ranch at Iitate-village, Japan. The fatal-horse accident had started two years after the catastrophe of TEPCO Fukushima Electric Power Station No.1. on March, 2011.


The owner of the houses, Mr. Tokuei Hosokawa and his family are now deeply discouraged as well as brought to bay under deficient feed supply to the horses (Thoroughbred, pony and donkey) because of short of money, that may result in the kill or death of those horses in near future. He had completely lost jobs of horse show, horse therapy and etc. by which he has got many prizes for his contribution to the societies before the catastrophe of TEPCO. 

      Mr. Hosokawa loves horses very much. In born he was familiar with horses because his father was a horse trader, “bakurou” in Japanese that is why he is still living with those horses in the “hot” area, evacuation zone. He never runs away from the horse ranch where the soil and trees are still heavily contaminated with the fallout. His horse ranch was under space gamma-irradiation level at around 40µSv/hr at the beginning of the catastrophe of TEPCO and now at 3-4µSv/hr, because of rapid decay of I-131(half life, 8 days) and gradual decay of Cs-134 (half life, 2-years) and slow decay of Cs-137(half life, 30 years). The radioactivity of the soil surface of the horse ranch is now at 6-8µSv/hr. 

   The course of the horse death is not yet clarified by the postmortem pathologic examination by Tohoku University. But before the death of the several horses, enzymatic and chemical analysis of blood and tissues were conducted by the livestock health and hygiene station at Fukushima prefecture. The typical indexes were extraordinary high, like high T-Cho (>400 (mean, 75-150)) and high TG (>500 (mean, 13-35)) in lipid metabolism; high GOT(>1000(mean, 226-366)), high GGT(>51 (mean, 4.3-13.4)) and high ALP(>1417(mean, 143-395)) in liver function; high LDH(>1010 (mean, 162-412)) in liver, muscle and kidney; and high CPK(>1805 (mean 160-315)) in muscle. (Please see WINEP blog below written in Japanese.

http://moribin.blog114.fc2.com/blog-entry-1695.html http://moribin.blog114.fc2.com/blog-entry-1697.html  

      In my scientific point of view, those horses may be the front runners to receive the long term effect of low-dose irradiation instead of us human-beings.

I hope all the people in the world to help him! 

   Please send him money and/or feeds to the following address to support 30 horses to be alive, and if possible encourage him by e-mail. His daughter can receive your e-mail.

Home Address: Mr. Tokuei Hosokawa

Zip 960-1633, 47 Usuichi-aza-cho, Iitate-mura, Souma-gun, Fukushima-prefecture, Japan

e-mail address: hosokawa0102@yahoo.co.jp.


Satoshi Mori  (Emeritus Professor of the UTokyo)

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PS2: TEPCO: Tokyo Electric Power Company

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